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Power to body weight of a champion

You probably think I’m a fan of Marco……well yes I am,  because beside all the doping issue around his story the table below easy explain why was such a great performer when was time to conquer a climb and this with or without doping aid:









Marco Pantani Miguel Indurain Evgeny Berzin Lance Armstrong Laurent Jalabert YOU Non athlete
Pow. aer. at threshold
400 W 550 W 510 W 550 W 535 W 000000 150-170
Weight in kilograms 53 80 64 77 68 000000
Freq.at threshold 175/min 170/min 178/min 188/min 178/min 000000 150-170
Freq.a rest 34/min 28/min 42/min 40/min 44/min 000000 60-80
Polm Cap. 6 litri 7,8 litri 5,5 litri 7,2 litri 7 litri 000000 3-4 litri
Max pow. aer. aer. (Estimated) 5,6 l/min 7,8 l/min 6,5 l/min 7,5 l/min 7 l/min 000000 2,5-3,5 l/min
Max pot. aer. (ml/min kg)
105 97 100 97 103 000000 35-5
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