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I’m back!

Sorry….since last post few months ago few thing had happen.

Still not justifiable I know, but let me tell you what went on…

Had a nasty accident chasing down a moped on the road!

I always said to people not to do, and I did it…over 50 years old at 50 km an hour a few centimetres behind a motorbike, with a L plate on, how stupid that was!

Of course the guy on the bike got scared looking at his mirror this crazy man following at full speed…and he decide to slow down, very fast! Had no other option than slam my breaks and flying over my bike and crash on the tarmac.

Result was broken elbow, rotatory cuff tear (shoulder) and 5 cm deep cut on my face.

Got under surgery the very next day and back home few days after and forgot to say the bike had not a scratch!

Anyway back on the bike few weeks later and start training again, still have to save a bit of my racing season as I need to make sure I’m not loosing my Cat 2 licence after loosing my Cat 1 last year.

6 weeks after my surgery I’ve entered one of the most famous french sportive the Ardechoise with over 15000 participants and finish top 30 in the 220km event over 8hours of climbing and descending.

I’ve enjoyed so much that I’ve entered also the Anthony Maynard in Reading and the Blenheim Palace in Woodstock.

Finished the Reading one in 6hours and few minute for 195km and 4 hours 43min for the Blenheim on 166km, very pleased with that, I feel very comfortable with the long distance stuff…my age really likes easy and longer :)

But my things is still road racing, so I decide to make a deal with myself and entered for my birthday present a premier calendar race in Salisbury for the 28 of August, great to have a goal to aim for!

The premier calendar are the most prestigious road races in England and the field is the top in this country with Rapha, Motorpoint, Endura, etc racing.

I know a bit mad but I always been very strong on my birthday week and very ofter winner too, so I started training harder and race the proper races.

From the 15 on July to the 15 of August I’ve raced about 3 or 4 road races and same in crits, the plan was going well because I’ve used the crits for speed work and race at the w/end on the road for proper results, managed to get 90 point in 4 weeks (and I need 50 to retain the 2 category).

Unfortunately I’ve got my entry back a week prior to the event because the field is very strong and they had so many entries they have to make a selection base on the category.

Very, very disappointed but, I’ve made my decision and I’ll go for Cat 1 licence points now, I have only 1 month and I need to make another 110 points to make it, so next time they cannot refuse my entry.

Cat 1 points chasing started well and on the 27 of August I won my first race this year…again on my birthday week!! ;)

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September 2, 2011 - Posted by | Training

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  1. Hey Flavio
    That crash looks pretty horrific.
    I dislocated my shoulder and ripped my rotator cuff muscles a few years ago by diving into the water off a boat, I know how painful it can be. Well done for getting back on the horse!.Best Mark

    Comment by MSK | January 13, 2012 | Reply

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