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The story of “Coppa Bologna” in Montallese, Tuscany.

This is the story of the ” Coppa Bologna”


Giancarlo Di Balio is the author of a book that tell the story of this race, from 1929 the book has a great collection of photos from the many partipants and the great involvement of the people in Montallese in Tuscany.

This is the first winner Luniano Brinori


Giancarlo got in touch with me last year and with great surprise to me he said he wanted to write this book and he contatted all the winners of this race, therefore me.

I had mix feeling when heĀ  called me, I felt proud and then melanconic…but then we chatted and with my surprise again ( and this is not the end), he told great riders won this race that started back in 1929 and guess what the greatest GINO BARTALI…


what an onour to share with one of the greatest champions of cycling.

But more surprises and more famous winner….



…and the late FRANCO BALLERINI


So here we are now with my photo after winning the 1980 edition in company of a good friend of mine Davide Cassani….


but after all the greatest surprise was the race I won in 1980 is actually on youtube on a very original video with lots of classic cars, flared trousers and thick side burns.

Hope you are going to enjoy….


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