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Finish and ready to ride…fast!

Thank you Duncan, great job and thank you Luis and Beelinebicycles to provide for last minute check and details, and this is the result…

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2011 Racing season kit!

Finally the 2011 racing kit is finalized and ready to go… now lets go out there and win!!



A big thank you to the sponsors for all your support.

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My Christmas presents…so far.

There is a kind of child-like pleasure when you open these boxes…

and next week ….my frame!!!

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Go on lets have a lucky slice this Christmas!!!


(Happy Xmas to all of you and your family..)

Flavio Zappi

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Groupsets for my bike!!!

Which components are you going to use for your bike Flavio?

This is as been the question for the last 3 weeks…well I said not sure yet I’m thinking about…is got to be Italian Flavio, you know is to do with you and your heritage….

You know, when I was racing I took it for granted that the quality of the bike was not such a good deal, and that because most of us was using the same frameset..Columbus SLX and the same components Campagnolo Super Record.

The bike to dream was Colnago and Bianchi, mainly because 2 of the strongest team at the time were riding them, Giuseppe Saronni and team Del Tongo/Colnago and Bianchi/Piaggio with Tommy Primm, Alf Segersall and Sivano Contini…

So when I started thinking about which group set should be on my bike, I thought it does not matter, nowadays there are so many different choices and brand…

but…I started looking more closely at Campagnolo, it came after I posted on facebook a question and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much love was there for the iconic and expensive equipment for bike.

I went back in time and even more when I started my cycling and the Saturday afternoon spent cleaning my bike ready for Sunday race .

Every little bits was dismounted and cleaned and every little bit had a name…

…yes is got to be Campagnolo!

My bike will have a Campagnolo Record (sorry cannot afford Super at the moment…) …

and for those young generation who cannot afford the top but still want to be part will get the Athena…

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I’m pleased to offer an opportunity to be part of our club, to enjoy clean cycling, to share our passion and pass it to young people, to get fit without barriers and live our sport in all natural outdoor elements.
The membership contain 3 different options, find the one appropriate for you.
Print the page fill in the pink sections and send it back to the cafe’ address…

membership form 2011

kit 2011 pricelist

see below for a preview of 2011 kit….

Kit available to be collected from end of October 2011.

For more information about Zappi’s and the story of Team Zappi’s 2010 click here

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Cycling coaching for amateur or elite starting now!

I’m very pleased to offer my service and advise on training and racing at every level from cyclosportive to road racing, criterium and tt…

My believes are very much on hard work first, and they are sitting between old school and the new scientific approach.

I’ve starting training again in October 2008 after more than 20 years out of cycling and with 15kg over weight. Start racing after just 6 months and moving from cat4 to cat 1 during the rest of the 2008 season.

I know how to come back after a period of inactivity and I can tell you what to do because I did it to myself.

I was and I’m still very interested in the scientific application in to cycling but not all of them.

I develop my career during the 70’s and 80’s and a lot of those details are still very important, more over the tactics are still actual and always very applicable.

I do not do training plan over the phone or e-mails without seening you first .

I need to go out on a bike ride and see you riding to check your position and see what fitness level you are, then I can plan accordingly to your goals and your time.

Then keep update over the phone or e-mails to check your progress.

Regular visits are necessary and physical test may be necessary to establish appropriate training floors.

Call me for an informal conversation: 07944877321 Flavio

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1989…my first training camp and coaching

It was 4 boys from USA.
From left to right Volkmann (assistant organizer), Mark Duff, ? and Karl Achtermann.

It was 1989 and I wanted to make some money by organizing training camps for cyclists in USA and Mark Volkmann did a great job by posting a little advert on the cycling paper were all cyclists needed to search races to compete.

I met Mark in Miami and we become very good friends, training every day in the everglades was great November and December 30/35 degres just perfect, we raced in Florida and in Texas.
I remember him for been the first rider to train with who use his helmet (?!!?) something very odd for me at the time and a funny little mirror attached to it, but realize very soon how very strong guy he was.

I think he still race now at the age of 40 and doing very well in time trial somewere in S.Francisco bay area.

The rest of the boys the only thing I know is that Mark Duff is now running a succesful bike company called….
http://www.Veloforma.com by chance the team was called Veloforma, and I’m very pleased the esperience stayed soo much in his heart.
Down below few images with Karl and some swiss friends…

I’m not sure about this photo of Karl and his “friend” drinking session…does not look very comfortable!
I’m very interested to know what is up to now Karl and the ginger boy at the first photo, I dont even remenber his name :(

Down below a photo taken at the start of a race in Varese area with Bombini good friend of mine later become manager of the same team taking Eugeny Berzin to win the Giro d’Italia.

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Is a battle, but I would like to see a fair one.
Today’s win was not what cycling is about because Renshaw (teammate) acted very poorly and headbutting to create a space for Cavendish who had an unfaire advantage.
Mark does need any of that is the fastest sprinter in the world up to 200/250mt.

Petacchi is my man for the over 250mt sprints but he finds difficult to get in the right position at the last km and loosing 5/6 position is crucial.
I mite need to call Giuseppe (Saronni)

at Lampre (;-), because is probably better for Alejet to stay on Cavendish wheel and trying to anticipate him, because Ale’ team mates cannot do the last km.
Infact the last two sprint lost on Cavendish showed the lack of a strong man for the last km.
But when is the right position thi is what is the result…

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Team Zappi’s Club Night

Over the last couple of months there has been a lot of great ideas from you all on what we can do to improve cycling in Oxford.

One of the suggestions has been to run a weekly club night where people can get together on an informal basis to talk about cycling and have a cup of tea/hot chocolate, or even a slice of pizza/panini.

With this in mind I have great pleasure in announcing that Team Zappi’s club night will be run held every Tuesday night from 6 till 9 at the cafe, starting Tuesday the 2nd of February.

At our first get together, we will be running through the upcoming races and organising travel arrangements for the first event at Hog Hill on the 6th for Feb.

So see you at Zappi’s cafe’.

Btw Is most like to be ….

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