Lincoln Grand Prix

I must say that the this race is a very interesting race for spectators and riders, the short and steep climb to the cathedral in “pave” made quiet hard, but selection was done mainly before and after the climb.

Before because of the speed, especially at the first two rounds were 200 riders trying to take the climb in front  of the peloton and of course a crash is guarantied and after because of the long stretch of riders trying to get together and the elastic affect made very hard for the riders behind.

Got disqualified 4 alps to go when riding with the bunch of remain 50 riders and take en off the race for riding over the pavement (had no choice, crash in the middle of the road), no comments!

Very easy solution for avoiding this incredible risky initial speed of the race.

Make race longer, why are pro-continental teams in the UK racing 120 km race? add another 5 or 6 laps and people will take the race a bit

more careful and still very selective, and riders will be more competitive abroad.

Anyway beautiful setting and very well organized, best premier calendar race so far.

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