We all start some point, some because of the older brother passion repressed or just after watching stage of the tour de France. Normally wearing wrong size bike and not appropriate shoes and clothing. But one thing in common to all, the great feel of freedom and adventure.

So lets start get it right:

  • Check your bike size and measure. You can find hundred of website that will give advice on how to measure your body and fit your bike accordingly, one tip don’t get your position to aggressive, you need to train your back  for bicycle riding.
  • Shoes and clothing. Check position of your cleats under your shoes, wear appropriate clothes for the season, slight lighter because you are exercising. If is very cold your head, hands and feet are the most vulnerable. Keep in your pocket wind proof vest or a rain jacket.
  • Food and drinks. Don’t exercise if you just eaten give at least 1 hour or 2, take some energy bar or cake with you and water or fruit juices.
  • Spare inner tube, pump and necessary kit to fix a puncture.
  • Mobile phone and some cash, you never know you mite have a multiple puncture or breaking a wheel over a pot hole, then you need to call for help.
  • Call a friend and enjoy the ride.

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