Motor pacing

There is a very interesting way to add “zapp” to your legs, and that is motor pacing behind a car or a motorbike.

If you are doing in a track that’s OK, but you can do it on the road as well, you need to find somebody with a vehicle that knows how important is pacing regularly taking in consideration variation of the course, i.e. small climbing and cornering,.

Safety is a very big issue , therefore you must find very quiet roads, and an expert driver.

Short and fast, this is the key, the first time I did it was when I was “dilettante ” at 19 and after a very hard 4 hours team training with climbs, I was called by my coach in the afternoon to get ready for 5okm motor pacing. Did the job to me, I won for the next two week ends.

Keep this training only for climbing your form don’t over do it or you also loose your form as quickly!

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