Fausto Coppi’s blind massaggiatore (physio) Biagio Cavanna

Many people know Fausto Coppi story, the greatest Italian champion in many people point of view the greatest ever together with Merckx and Armstrong.

But not many people knows that is blind physio was probably also one of the greatest in his field.

Not a great rider himself during the period of Girardengo, he then develop his massage skills techniques and become a great masseur, but he become blind at 40. He never gave up and he actually  started a cycling school were young rider would live with him and with his very hard trainings, diets and massages develop and giving a chance at young riders to turn pro and start a cycling carrier.

Story of old pro are saying that he could with the feel of his hands and by listening to the noise of their heart whether they could become great rider or not.

Once become Fausto’s massaggiatore the two were inseparable and Biagio would follow the “Airone” (heron) every were in the world give him also advice on trainings and race tactics, to then develop Fausto even further in his carrier.

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