Giro D’Italia Bio under27 (ex Giro d’Italia Baby )

This is the latest from Giro d’Italia under27. We are never going to stop this  cancer just with getting a “painkiller”- we need to eradicate it with surgery!

FLORENCE, June 12 2009 – Four members of the Tour of Italy for amateurs under 27 do not start this morning. Italians Antonio Casimiro Parrinello, 20 years (Bedogni-Grassi-Natalini-Gr. Prague), Simone Campagnari, 23, and Francesco Varena, 22 (shoemakers Montegranaro Marini Silvano), and the Russian Pavel Kochetkov. Values fold. The most accredited was Russian, which this year won the Trofeo De Gasperi, was ranked second in the final ranking of the Giro del Friuli and came second – behind a team and Egor Silin escape – in the Cup of Peace. What has been christened GiroBio, a race marked by cleanliness and transparency, has started to run even before the runners. “The controls of yesterday morning, however, announced – explains Giancarlo Brocci, the head of the competition – have worked. We do not discount anyone. Our line is extremely rigorous. Officially, the exclusion is due to inability for health reasons, but this is obviously a change of mentality wrong. Nine in 10 days stages: today the first, Firenze-Modena, 174.6 km, 164 at the start (instead of 168 members.

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