Cavendish’s Direttore Sportivo….. Signor Valerio Piva

An old friend of mine, Varerio Piva, who has now moved from Italy and is living in Belgium after marrying Danielle, a successful hoteliere (Hotel Malpertuu in Riemst)

I was an amateur with Valerio in 1980 with team Lema/Mobili. Of the 15 riders in the team, 14 turn professional before 1984 winning more than 60 races in one season, including international races and stage races like, Settimana Bergamasca, Giro Val d’Aosta, etc. 4 riders racing for national team either on road or track. All this under the guidance of mythical and possibly the most famous and successful direttore sportivo in history DOMENICO GARBELLI.

Valerio had a long serving career where he raced and worked as “gregario” for many captains in the strongest teams. He become very popular for his quality of team player and of course team “rouler”. He now enjoys cycling from the team car…

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