What best bike to buy?

End of the cycling season and is now the time to start planning for next season, training planning, training camps, performance goals and equipment.

Which bike?

At the shop?


Ex team?

Any of this option as long is your correct size.

The basic points are:

1)Frame material ( steel, aluminium, titanium, carbon or …bamboo)

Steel, titanium and …bamboo are soft to ride therefore more appropriate for older people or  if you are planning to do long and easy rides to enjoy the panorama without worrying if your partner is stronger then you, and the choice of material is based on price (titanium),environmental (bamboo) or just nostalgia(steel).

If you want to do competition and in general a more aggressive approach to riding a bike aluminium and carbon is the answer. Stiffer and more responsive out the corners, and the price will raise from aluminium, aluminium with carbon forks or full carbon.

2)Group set (Campagnolo, Shimano, Sram, Fsa, etc)

Campagnolo if you are nostalgic and romantic, Shimano if you dont care, Sram if you want to save 27.86 grams and pay lots more for it, Fsa…the group set is not ready yet but some part are good. In general the level is very high and in any of this company you can choose sub level of quality according to the price.

If you buy at the shop

The advantages are that you see and touch the one you like choose colour and size, warranty, help on any problems but could be high in price.

If you buy on the internet

Price is one of the good reason, but also the opportunity to find a deal based on casual events, but you need to be an expert and you need a bit of luck

Ex team

Great opportunity of purchasing on a very low price a fantastic quality bike especially if is from a pro-team. Vital to know the team mechanic that will guarantee the bike, but general ly these bikes are regularly checked and parts very often changed to make sure riders are riding top level bikes at all times.

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