Three photos same bike the great “Bianchi”, so much history from Faust Coppi to Felice Gimondi.
When I turn pro in 1981 the “Bianchi” team was the best team, they had champions as Silvano Contini, Tommy Prim…and when today I saw the photo with Riccardo Ricco’ I felt something was wrong…

I know Felice Gimondi I lived (and payed rent) in one of his houses during my two season at Metauro Mobili- Pinarello 1983-4 and He is the class and serious athlete in one great rider winning Tour and Giro, with only one problem…racing at the same time with Eddy Merckx.

So why now that is one of the managers at “Bianchi” have to pose with the greatest “CHEAT” of modern days? why toghether? Sorry but riders who rides Bianchi they are a different level.



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