Progetto casa ciclismo

Since coming back to cycling in 2008 I’ve gradually change my plan from just racing to coach…and now I’ve this idea to create an academy style team.

Back in 1979 I was part of a team called Lema mobili based near Bergamo north Italy, and the team was very famous to be the only one were rider were living in a house toghether for a season.

“La squadra” was very well organized and 10 out 12 got professianal contract within 1979 and 1981, 4 of us were racing with “azzurri” nat team.

More team followed the “Lema” style over the years, but our direttore sportivo Domenico Garbelli was something special, was living, train, dine and get to the races with us.
Was our surrogate father…very strict father.
Every morning he will check our weight and blood pressure and after breakfast follow us with the team car or the scooter.
Very ofter we would have a second training in the afternoon (just after a power nap), then dinner a bit of tv and then bed time…always at 9pm!
More to follow…..

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