Bistecca e riso in bianco (Beef steaks and boiled rice)

Six am on sunday race day still dark in early season races, still sleepy for early wake up, you mite ok to have your usual capuccino and “cornetto” (croissant) but last thing you want do is to eat…
freshly grated parmesan on the rice though…

…well that was me back in 1975, I was 15/16 then (Allievo) and we were told to eat 3 hours before the race, usually at 9am.
The race would be between 60 to 80 km and at the time was consider to be very important to eat MEAT at the day of the race, little we knew that was actually not the best for the race as meat would be in my tommy for over 5 hours…yes when the race was finish.

Th other good thing about it was that everybody was doing the same error, therefore all even, still the strongest (in the stomach too) would win the race.


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