You Need to Protect Your Tattoos From the Sunlight Damage

Don’t forget to protect that tattoo when you look at the beautiful Sun. People love to sunbath in the day. They like to spread their wings in the light. Feels its warmness. Touch the ocean sore and look at the swimsuit girls. Everything is amazing and clear at the beach. Despite that beauty, you got to wear the best sunscreen for tattoos you can buy. The Sun is nothing to play with when its near a tattoo. It won’t always say tattoo sunscreen. So, you got to dig deep and look for certain things. More info on this below.

Does One Need Sunscreen On a New Tattoo

One always needs sunscreen on a tattoo. You can use the best sunscreen for tattoos at the shop or the cheapest lotion. It not important how much you speed on sunscreen. Its important that you get the right stuff. Make sure it protects you against UN, UNA, and UVB light. Test it for a couple hours before going out with it for 6 hours. Some have gotten sunscreen and came back from the beach with a ultra burn. You don’t want to be them. Its a little nuisance but test it in the back yard for a couple hours. Its something you can do in your leisure.

Why Do I need Extra Protection

The Sun is very dangerous to your tattoo. The Sun can cause your tattoo to have cancer faster then normal skin cancer. If that’s not scary enough, you could get your tattoo cracked in different places. The thing won’t be noticeable after a few years. You will see what I mean. It look very faded. The sun can also change the colors of the tattoos. Some colors are strong like purple and black. But, the other colors not so much. If you want to avoid that bill you got to pay later, I suggest you avoid the sun and cover it up with some clothes.

Protecting the tattoo also means it will last longer. The tattoo is not something you need to worry about if you protect it properly. Use clothes or sunscreen to do that. Clothes work better. The protection will double if not triple the full color life in your tattoos. Using protection is not a waste. Use protect for your tattoos when you can.

What If My Tattoos Still Fade Away

Well, you got to think about how much the tattoo really matters. Its just a piece of paint at the end of each year. Its not going to last forever. That is ok if you put more thought into it. You don’t need the tattoo. You don’t live in ancient times anymore. Having a tattoo means nothing these days. It means nothing for you to have a tattoo. Its just something you have to brag to your friends. If you really think about it, does it matter if it fades away? No, it does not. If you still do not believe, then get the tattoo redid. Go out and get the tattoo redone and stop worrying about it.

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