The Wish List Dirt Bikers Want for Christmas

Christmas is approaching and you got to get that one friend with the dirt bike something for Christmas. It seems you got everyone a gift but that one friend. They like riding in open fields and spending a lot of time looking outside, so get them something that reflects that aspect. Make them understand that you want their childish hobby to be a hobby they should cherish. Don’t get them something that is not related to dirt biking. A person who really likes dirt bikes would not want something else. Yeah, they would take it and say thanks. But, in the back of their minds they are thinking its pretty stupid for you to get them something so boring. You don’t want to be that boring friend to your cool dirt bike buddy. We have found a couple gifts that are expensive and inexpensive. View what we have below and found something within your budget.

Airflap Goggles

The Wish List Dirt Bikers Want for Christmas

Airflap goggles are the best goggles to get someone who constantly sweats behind goggles. Goggles are a bit expensive. But, the quality tries to make up for it by giving the user air while driving the dirt bike. Kids and adults be riding on the dirt bike for hours. Make the dirt bike experience more chilled. Revolution tech allows the user to prevent fog ups on goggles and reduce moisture build up. Meaning, your going to get 100% clear goggle vision for each ride on the open field. May not wipe the dirt from the goggles. But, does a good job of keeping the inside goggles clean so you can see everything and not be distracted from your own sweat. Sweat can be a deal if you don’t get a set of goggles like these. Buy them today if you think their not a waste.

To add more, airflap goggles come in clear color. So, you can ride your dirt bike at night if you feel you need to get a ride in the night. Enjoy a cool breeze in the night and have good vision by buying airflap goggles.

Coffee Mug With Dirt Bike Symbol



Coffee mugs are one of the cheapest gifts to give someone. Most people can not afford the expensive gifts and I am one of them. I prefer getting people a cheap coffee mug and calling it a night. In this case, buy your friend one of the dirt bike coffee mugs you see at store. Mugs come in a wide variety and have dirt bike designs that are cool. Designs can be simple like having a dirt bike helmet on the center or complicated like having all types of dirt bike accessories on the mug paint. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something your friend would like. Don’t get them dirt bike coffee mugs would make them hate you. Turn that hate around and get them something they like. Talk them too why don’t you. You are they friend and you should know what colors they like. Use that information to get them the best coffee mug they could have. Make a moment between you two.

Comfortable Gloves for the Road

Glove gifts remind the person your giving them to of how much they need them. There is nothing like having comfortable gloves for the long trip in the dirt. The trip is very long you know. Two wheel whistling through the quiet sand for hours. Building up tension over time in the joints. Help them make that long dirt bike drive more comfortable. Stretch the bones out further and make them less stiff. Put two new gloves on their hands. Choose a color that blends well with different dirt bike outfits. Picking a black glove set would be the best bet. They can go well with any dirt bike outfit and make you feel like wearing them in your car.

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