MK Criterium

Was very nice last night see my friends at MK Bowl for the usual Thursday summer series criterium.

I decide to go to the race on my bike, lovely afternoon to ride and I wanted to treat it as a good training so 2.5 hours ride easy steady then 1.15 high tempo with lots of intervals and 2.15 back at tt pace, sharing the work with two other OUCC riders (Seb and Nils) on the way back made the return journey quicker.

I like to do crits as training in the summer because is a good way to pick up speed without the stress of do it on training, but is very important to remember that for road racing just the crit is not enough and need to be combined with a daily training, some people that are searching to get a results they go out in the morning for 2 hours, is just another way, I prefer to train just before the race to get properly warmed up, and after to improve my aerobic threshold.

All together 6 hours, at the end I was pretty tired so I think my two companion from Oxford University Cycling Club.

I felt stronger then last year and I attack solo at 8 laps to go, but nobody came across, and after 3 laps the peloton got me, I was not too tired at the endof the race and the anaerobic workout will for sure be very beneficial together with the rest of the training.

Maybe a little old school my training but I was told at the race that in the past was common to get to the race and back by…………bike.

Motor pacing

There is a very interesting way to add “zapp” to your legs, and that is motor pacing behind a car or a motorbike.

If you are doing in a track that’s OK, but you can do it on the road as well, you need to find somebody with a vehicle that knows how important is pacing regularly taking in consideration variation of the course, i.e. small climbing and cornering,.

Safety is a very big issue , therefore you must find very quiet roads, and an expert driver.

Short and fast, this is the key, the first time I did it was when I was “dilettante ” at 19 and after a very hard 4 hours team training with climbs, I was called by my coach in the afternoon to get ready for 5okm motor pacing. Did the job to me, I won for the next two week ends.

Keep this training only for climbing your form don’t over do it or you also loose your form as quickly!