Contador and Doping

Is incredible how interesting are some comments you find at the bottom of an article…

Cyclist Alberto Contador of Spain, is seen during the inauguration ceremony of the Criterium cycling race in Oviedo, Spain Saturday Oct. 30, 2010. Contador who is attending the race as a spectator, is provisionally suspended by the UCI after testing positive for the banned drug clenbuterol and could lose his Tour de France title. (AP Photo/Paco Paredes).

I was reading recently the Contador saga on an Italian sport paper online and I was astonished to see how many people have incredible knowledge in doping matter, here a few samples…

“proprio una molecola che aumenta l’apporto di sangue ai muscoli, che aumenta la frequnza cardiaca e respiratori, che aumenta la produzione di glucosio e aumenta la demolizione di grassi per la produzione di energia doveva finire nel suo piatto il giorno prima della tappa decisiva del tour, davvero una coincidenza incredibile!”

said..” don’t you think is incredible that a small molecule responsible of improving blood supply to the muscle, responsible to raise heart frequency, to improve glucose production and breaking down fats and release energy would finish on Contador’s steak the day before on the most important stage of the Tour the France?”

and few more….(you use google translate, just to have an idea)

” Questa è la seconda volta che Contador viene coinvolto in inchieste riguardanti la medicina sportiva. La presto dimenticata “Operacion Porto”, un indagine (dalle ombre mai dissolte) in cui erano coinvolti atleti di “troppe” discipline quali: tennisti, calciatori, automobilisti ecc., alla voce ciclismo annotava ben 58 corridori sospetti di illecito tra cui il campione spagnolo”

“Su internet si dice che questo clenbuterolo ha un’emivita di 25-39 ore, ciò significa che occorre quel tempo affinché il corpo metabolizzi ed elimini metà della dose assunta; che effetti dopanti nelle urine si rintracciano dopo 2 – 4 giorni dalla somministrazione; che da uno studio su cavalli che ingerivano il clenbuterolo e si allenavano anche, è stato rilevato che la massa muscolare non aumentava fino alla sesta settimana…. Guarda che sfortuna, Contador, che ti hanno beccato proprio con questo farmaco… Forse è per questo che i test antidoping hanno fatto rizzare i capelli a chi di dovere per una così modica quantità ritrovata? Sempre più scettico sono… ”

“E’ risaputo che dopo dosi dopanti ci sono i cosidetti lavaggi, ricordiamoci Di Luca dopo la tappa dello Zoncolan al controllo antidoping risultò più pulito di un neonato. Peccato, ma io ho sempre avuto un dubbio, in 50 anni che seguo il ciclismo, di ogni categoria, non ho mai visto un corridore così leggero andare così forte a cronometro…”

And now on Riis team…what a timing?!?!?

Doping (another positive!!!) for a cyclist about to race the Tour de France

Thomas Dekker

Another cheater ready to race at the Tour de France and quickly replaced by Briton Charles Vangelius. Urine sample from dec 2007 shoved EPO.

Note positive we have an English rider at the Tour, but….. question: No doctor or Ds of the team Rabobank (not Silence/Lotto) was aware of what was going on? those are the people responsible as well because they can monitor better then anybody else and control the riders;  so very expensive fine for the team and for the rider……..


Those people who are taking doping and cheat must go for ever and they don’t have nothing to do with our sport.

We like to race safely and morally correct and the winner as to be to the one who is consistence in training, clever tactically and naturally strong.

If you agree with my view let me know, because I’m tired to see this little individual taking the place of the one who deserve to be there

Giro D’Italia Bio under27 (ex Giro d’Italia Baby )

This is the latest from Giro d’Italia under27. We are never going to stop this  cancer just with getting a “painkiller”- we need to eradicate it with surgery!

FLORENCE, June 12 2009 – Four members of the Tour of Italy for amateurs under 27 do not start this morning. Italians Antonio Casimiro Parrinello, 20 years (Bedogni-Grassi-Natalini-Gr. Prague), Simone Campagnari, 23, and Francesco Varena, 22 (shoemakers Montegranaro Marini Silvano), and the Russian Pavel Kochetkov. Values fold. The most accredited was Russian, which this year won the Trofeo De Gasperi, was ranked second in the final ranking of the Giro del Friuli and came second – behind a team and Egor Silin escape – in the Cup of Peace. What has been christened GiroBio, a race marked by cleanliness and transparency, has started to run even before the runners. “The controls of yesterday morning, however, announced – explains Giancarlo Brocci, the head of the competition – have worked. We do not discount anyone. Our line is extremely rigorous. Officially, the exclusion is due to inability for health reasons, but this is obviously a change of mentality wrong. Nine in 10 days stages: today the first, Firenze-Modena, 174.6 km, 164 at the start (instead of 168 members.

Doping and Racing in Belgium

We raced yesterday in Belgium and we do go there regularly because we like the atmosphere and the passionate tradition.

The Flandre or what they call “Wlanderen” is the nearest area on the other side of the channel, racing in this area is kermesse time, 6/7 km circuit to repeat 17/19 times for a total of 120km.

Perfect for speed training and learning to race in the wind and sometimes also “pave’” or cobles. You feel safe road are close from the traffic and riders are racing very well.

One little question, why is it that a disqualified pro rider for testing positive able to race elite/amateur races?

We were very surprised to know from a french rider  about this story and also a very disappointed.

Anyway we did enjoyed race there and the trip was a good team spirit and quality time.