Flavio Zappi vs Eddy Merckx???

Thi is the story of a very imbarrasing period of my cycling carrier.

During the first few stages at the Giro d’Italia 1981 (my first giro), the italian major sport newspaper called “La Gazzetta Dello Sport” dedicated a all page in the cycling section on …Flavio Zappi the new Eddy Merckx.

I was new pro that year and fresh winner of one stage at the Giro del Trentino were I also wear the leader jersey until last stage lost on time trial.

Flavio Zappi vs Eddy Merckx??? Flavio Zappi vs Eddy Merckx???Also won at the same giro the team time trial stage…
Anyway one morning got up from bed in the hotel were we staying and get in the restaurant for breakfast before the stage were somebody showed me with my mix of pleasure and horror a all page of interviews from me and my director sportif at the time Dino Zangegu’ . Flavio Zappi vs Eddy Merckx???

Former winner of the Tour of Flandres and great caracter Dino, was very famous on tv and with the italian pubblic for his great sprints and later after his carrier finished for his funny comments on tv.

Anyway, it looks like he was interviewed from a journalist at la gazzetta and during the interview he compared me with the great Eddy by saying phrases like ” when I see him riding he just remind me soo much of Eddy” and stuff like that.
Of course the result was the next few days at the giro a constant taking the xxxx by calling me Eddyyyy, hey Eddyyy, come here Eddy…
In particolar one person was really annoying…he was a prestigious domestique of team Bianchi and his name was Serge Parsani…

Flavio Zappi vs Eddy Merckx???

But I have forgive him after I saw him recently on a bday party riunion last year, and had a chance to know him better, he is a realy nice guy and at the time maybe just a little bit big headed…bless him!

This is now and is new position as a director sportiv with team Katiusha…

Flavio Zappi vs Eddy Merckx???

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