Flying bikes (and the roofrack)

Flying bikes (and the roofrack)It was november few years ago…actually it was 1983, just finish my first season at Metauro Mobili/Pinarello, and toghether with two good friends of mine decide to go near Venice to race on a cyclocross. Flying bikes (and the roofrack)We had a really messi day,not only because we or I (not sure…) left the car keys inside the car and look the door, but most of all for a freak accident on the motorway Venice/Milan on the way back that night… Flying bikes (and the roofrack)Vittorio Algeri Flying bikes (and the roofrack)

Antonio Bevilacqua

The cyclocross was a reason for us to make some cash off season, back in those day the contract was only for 10 months, so any opportunity to make some money and ride was very appreciated, anyway back to the story, we drove to the the event, we realized after the race we could not get our changing gears from the car, then we had a nightmare getting the money promised to us from the organizer (btw was 50.000 lira, aprox £18 on which we had to share the cost of petrol and motorway toll), and to finish a freak accident on the motorway….

Flying bikes (and the roofrack)

Basically at one point during the journey we heard a big bang noise from the roof, we looked back and we saw our three bikes flying over the motorway still attached to the roofrack and landed in the middle of the central lane with car swirling around.

We reverse on the emergency lane and very quick recovery our bikes, still intact!!! after landing at 120km/hour!!!!, we dindt recover the rack…

This are my two frieds now, both Milram’s directour sportives…are’nt they soo seriuos now!

Flying bikes (and the roofrack) Flying bikes (and the roofrack)…hmmm btw Antonio was in charge on fixing the roofrack!

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