Groupsets for my bike!!!

Which components are you going to use for your bike Flavio?

This is as been the question for the last 3 weeks…well I said not sure yet I’m thinking about…is got to be Italian Flavio, you know is to do with you and your heritage….

You know, when I was racing I took it for granted that the quality of the bike was not such a good deal, and that because most of us was using the same frameset..Columbus SLX and the same components Campagnolo Super Record.

Groupsets for my bike!!!The bike to dream was Colnago and Bianchi, mainly because 2 of the strongest team at the time were riding them, Giuseppe Saronni and team Del Tongo/Colnago and Bianchi/Piaggio with Tommy Primm, Alf Segersall and Sivano Contini… Groupsets for my bike!!! Groupsets for my bike!!!

So when I started thinking about which group set should be on my bike, I thought it does not matter, nowadays there are so many different choices and brand…

but…I started looking more closely at Campagnolo, it came after I posted on facebook a question and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much love was there for the iconic and expensive equipment for bike.

I went back in time and even more when I started my cycling and the Saturday afternoon spent cleaning my bike ready for Sunday race .

Every little bits was dismounted and cleaned and every little bit had a name…

…yes is got to be Campagnolo!

My bike will have a Campagnolo Record (sorry cannot afford Super at the moment…) …

Groupsets for my bike!!!and for those young generation who cannot afford the top but still want to be part will get the Athena… Groupsets for my bike!!!

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